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Joker hits the one-legged fadeaway 👀 #MileHighBasketball 

Joker’ protest in #Lima : #Peru  students demand free public transport

The most #CriticsChoice  nominations: The Irishman - 14 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 12 Little Women - 9 1917 - 8 Marriage Story - 8 Jojo Rabbit - 7 Joker - 7 Parasite - 7 (more )

The 26.8TB effort is the equivalent of downloading nearly every song on Spotify or downloading an HD version of Joker 7,615 times. #9News 

@nochilljohnganz  wait, so JOKER — which does nothing but shamelessly ape Scorsese’s aesthetic — is vital, but THE IRISHMAN – a reconsideration of the director’s past work and meditation on sin and memory and forgiveness — is just more of the same?

From Avengers: Endgame to Joker to Spidey, these are our nominees for the best comic book movie in 2019.

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For Batman movie fans: Get a poster of your favorite Batman and Joker look

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Batman made an appearance in 'Joker' and nobody even noticed..

Vile 'joker' leaves bag full of human poo at Asda as donation for food bank

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I can’t believe the Joker’s origin story is that a group of black kids once made fun of him for eating beans in a movie theater??

Someone saw the scene from #Joker  go down in real time. 🤯 🎥 azar0v/reddit

No one: Absolutely no one: MTV NEWS: What if the Joker was JOPPING? #SuperM  @superm  #SuperMinNYC 

A Joker with no Batman in sight is actually a pretty good metaphor for 2019.

SMILE. The first trailer for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is here. 🥴

Trump says Russia is going to attack the midterms to support Democrats. Also the Joker loves Batman, Sauron hates rings, and Hannibal Lecter is trying the vegan thing for a while.