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I sure boris Johnson will go live at some point today .... Great Britain GB 1-0 ... unlucky it’s all been an April fools .. U.K. breaks into a huge street party .. STUNNEN 😊😊

Here is today's daily PA briefing, for verified updates on the coronavirus outbreak. The top story on Monday: Boris Johnson will chair a meeting of his Cabinet by videolink as he continues to self-isolate in Downing Street

Marsha’s position on Christopher Street is double-edged. A martyr of gay liberation, he is denied entrance to many bars. Andy Warhol silkscreens of Marsha sell for $1400 while Marsha walks the sidewalk outside, broke.” On Marsha P. Johnson, 1979

Coronavirus-hit Boris Johnson sports a casual open collar as he holds the UK's first virtual Cabinet from isolation in Downing Street

In Opinion "When he is out there in front of the country, all alone down the line from 10 Downing Street, Mr. Johnson should try to operate by this mantra: 'More like Cuomo, less like Trump,'" writes Alastair Campbell.

Boris Johnson has turned to a Whitehall insider to lead the government’s civil service reform programme in a sign that Downing Street’s early enthusiasm for "weirdos and misfits" may be waning

Boris Johnson will chair a meeting of his Cabinet by videolink as he continues to self-isolate in Downing Street after testing positive for coronavirus.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson chairs a meeting remotely from 11 Downing Street while in self-isolation after testing positive for COVID-19. Read more about how the coronavirus has struck at the heart of British politics:

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Now the question on the lips of many at Downing Street and beyond is: how many other people did the UK prime minister come into contact with before testing positive? With PM Johnson ill, coronavirus strikes at heart of British politics

British PM Boris Johnson, who is self-isolating at 10 Downing Street after testing positive for coronavirus, will write to every UK household to urge people to stay at home. #World  #CoronavirusOutbreak 


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"I've developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus" UK PM Boris Johnson tweets video to say he is self-isolating in Downing Street, but will continue working to "lead the national fightback against coronavirus"

Boris Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings is seen running out of Downing Street. Earlier, the prime minister tested positive for coronavirus

Dominic Cummings seen running out of the back gate from Downing Street. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for #coronavirus . Follow live updates here:

BREAKING: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for #coronavirus . The PM is reportedly self-isolating in Downing Street but is continuing to lead the government's response to #COVID19 . More on this story:

Dominic Raab has been named “designated survivor” by Downing Street if Boris Johnson or his top aides are taken ill during the coronavirus crisis

Trump is in the White House, & quite possibly staying there for another term; Johnson is in Downing Street, & quite possibly staying there for another term, & an irreversible Brexit is less than a fortnight away. You'd think fans of all three would be a bit less furious by now!

“What we’re living through is not normal, nor accidental. It’s a fabricated chaos. And the road back to normality lies through getting Johnson out of Downing Street”. Brilliant from @paulmasonnews 

This week could be the last chance to stop Boris Johnson’s government taking us over a No Deal cliff edge. It is the people, not a phoney populist cabal in Downing Street, who should determine our country’s future.

Huge chants of “STOP THE COUP” as Boris Johnson tries to speak in Downing Street. It’s completely messing up his speech - he’s struggling to concentrate on it

IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE: D.C. police are asking for the public’s help in finding critically missing 13-year-old Justin Johnson, who was last seen earlier this weekend in the 1600 Block of Isherwood Street, NE.

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