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Thanks to @KimKardashian  who praised President Trump's Super Bowl ad about Alice Johnson and his administration’s criminal justice reform efforts as "amazing." "I'm happy that the president is backing the issue because so much has to be changed."

Imposing Downing St aides on the Chancellor is basically signalling there will be no fiscal discipline in the Johnson administration ... @sajidjavid  was right to walk. Sunak's a yes man who will turn HMT into a PR department for Johnson

Senators Chris Murphy, John Barrasso and Ron Johnson just met Ukraine President Zelensky here in Kyiv. They tell reporters outside the administration they are here “showing America’s strong support for Ukraine.”

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When Rishi Sunak rises to deliver the first proper Budget of the Johnson administration in just three weeks' time he might have hoped for slightly calmer circumstances.

When Rishi Sunak rises to deliver the first proper Budget of the Johnson administration in just three weeks' time he might have hoped for slightly calmer circumstances.

“He is something of a loner, he has few close political allies” @alexmassie  says Boris Johnson is running a ‘very different type of administration’ compared to previous Prime Ministers, such as Tony Blair and David Cameron. #bbcqt 

Boris Johnson is reshaping his administration following the U.K.’s split from the EU, with reports that high-profile women in his team could all be fired in the reshuffle

RAISES? Hamilton County Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson is requesting an immediate 2.5% raise for all classroom teachers, certified support personnel and certified personnel in administration.

My understanding is that Dame Karen Pierce impressed in interview with a deep, nuanced view of Trump and his administration. Boris Johnson made clear his irritation at anti-Americanism this week, and her stance was in tune with what he wanted


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“Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!

The battle lines have been drawn. Boris Johnson, a proud self described champion of the banks, has appointed the most hard right government in modern times, an administration which threatens our hard won rights and freedoms. Don’t underestimate this menace, and prepare to fight.

Blimey. Corbyn has absolutely nailed Boris Johnson on the NHS being on the table with a US trade deal, complete with the secret meetings with Trump's administration and redacted documents. Johnson - a man sacked twice for lying - claims otherwise mean zilch, zero. #LeadersDebate 

The Queen received The Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP in an Audience this afternoon and requested him to form a new Administration.

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With Boris Johnson’s parliamentary debacle in the UK in addition to the chaos of the Trump Administration, one thing is clear: xenophobic nationalists may be rising, but when they take power, they are incompetent morons.

The Tories rolling out the red carpet for the US administration's most hawkish member is the latest warning sign of Johnson putting Britain in hock to Trump's USA. The UK in Trump's pocket is a threat to the NHS, the environment and our peace and security

Those who abhor the Johnson administration have only themselves to blame. Boris as PM is the creation of the obdurate 3-year Remainer rear-guard action to thwart the referendum result and the EU’s insistence - still - on an unratifiable withdrawal agreement.

Obama-era Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson: "There is no law that requires the Trump administration to separate children from their parents. If there were such a law, I would know about it"