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“We just haven’t been that good for a while,” defenseman Jack Johnson said Friday, “and I think it’s been like that for more than just a few games.”

American teen Johnson'>Alex Johnson got ten members of his local government to use wheelchairs for an entire day.

Electric Linemen were honored in Johnson County, Tennessee, for their work rescuing a woman trapped in her car by floodwaters.

Bernie Supporter on MSNBC Calls Out Network Contributor Jason Johnson for 'Misfit Black Girls' Insult of Sanders Staff

MJohnson'>SNBC’s Jason Johnson: Bernie Sanders’ campaign hires people "from the island of misfit Black girls”

On MSNBC, Benjamin Dixon calls out MSNBC's JasonJohnson's attack on Bernie Sanders' Black women staffers

MSNBC's Jason Johnson Says 'Racist Liberal Whites' Love Bernie Sanders, Calls Out Staffers as 'Island of Misfit Black Girls'

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab has appointed a former Johnson County election commissioner to return to her old job.


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I nominate Prince Harry , Boris Johnson and Arsene Wenger ! Get involved ! Amazing charity !! #als 

“It is not too late. We have an interview prepared. Oven-ready, as Mr Johnson likes to say” Andrew Neil issues a challenge for Boris Johnson to commit to an interview with him, to face questions on why people have “deemed him to be untrustworthy”

Polling station: come over Me: I can’t, it’s too cold outside Polling station: Johnson'>Boris Johnson is going to sell off our NHS Me:

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Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. Celebrate Boris!

WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson has passed away.

“Former CIA analyst Johnson'>Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!

Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great!

Ernie Johnson's thoughts on the presidential election.

Dear , We don’t believe you. We believe Johnson'>Myeshia Johnson. Let her husband rest in peace. Sincerely, America

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