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Our statement on the passing of Senator John McCain:
John McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John.
Guess who is coming for the hidden collaboration of ‘STATION X 0’ project!
Red Velvet’s WENDY and a global artist John Legend will be releasing a duet song ‘Written In The Stars’ as the fifth liner of the project!

🎧#JohnLegend X #WENDY#WrittenInTheStars’: 2018.10.19. 6PM KST
Ever since his vicious and totally false statements about Admiral Ron Jackson, the highly respected White House Doctor for Obama, Bush & me, Senator John Tester looks to be in big trouble in the Great State of Montana! He behaved worse than the Democrat Mob did with Justice K!
WOW, John James is making headway in Michigan. We are bringing jobs back to the State, and the People of Michigan appreciate it. Debbie Stabenow has been no help, if anything, a major hindrance. John James is a star, I hope the voters see it. Polls are tightening!
Still haven’t received from DOJ:

-McCabe memos
-Rosenstein 8/2/17 memo altering scope of Mueller probe
-Unredacted Page FISA App
-Bruce Ohr 302’s
-Briefing from US Attorney John Huber

And now Rosenstein won’t testify and Glenn Simpson takes the 5th.
The hutzpah of the GOP on health care this election is stunning. I’m listening right now to NY Rep. John Faso on NPR claim he’s against ACA repeal.

He voted FOR the repeal bill!!!! It ended insurance for 30m Americans!

Does the think his constituents are so stupid they forgot?
John when you tell him he looks like Arthur
John Legend X 웬디 (WENDY) 'Written In The Stars' MV Teaser

🎧존 레전드(John Legend) X 웬디(WENDY) ‘Written In The Stars’: 2018.10.19. 6PM (KST)

#WENDY #웬디 #JohnLegend #존레전드 #WrittenInTheStars
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