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John Malone pointed out that internet access was a monopoly 8+ years ago. So obvious yet we all allow it like it is NBD.

John Malone says Apple may be a surprise winner in the streaming wars, getting ‘large numbers fast’

Who owns the most land in America? Jeff Bezos and John Malone are among them via @usatoday 

Why John Malone sees Apple TV+ as a surprise winner (video)

Some wisdom from John Malone, who helped create the cable biz: "The best business model in the world is a monopoly." "The curse of life is if you get too successful then the politicians decide to regulate you."

Media mogul John Malone says Trump causes ‘chaos’ and he would vote for Bloomberg in 2020

Full Transcript Of The John Malone From Yesterday

“The way I look at it is in the U.S., if you wanted HBO, you already have HBO. So I don’t see they gain a lot of new customers," Liberty Media Chairman John Malone said earlier today. He believes the HBO Max streaming service will lose to its competitors.

"Half the people that he's hired +thrown under the bus are now trying to kill him. I mean, what kind of thing is that? It's chaos. I just don't think he's the right guy to do it. He just doesn't build a team, I think that's the No. 1 problem.” John Malone


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These are America’s top 5 largest landowners 1️⃣ John Malone 2️⃣ The Emmerson Family 3️⃣ Ted Turner 4️⃣ Stan Kroenke 5️⃣ Reed Family

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The Gila monster gave humans a treatment for diabetes. What other medical miracles are we losing by failing to protect wildlife and ecosystems? 's John Malone weighs in. (via )

In 1973, John Malone met Bob Magness, who offered him the job of CEO of his almost bankrupt cable company, Tele-Communications (TCI). From 1973 to 1998, Malone rolled up the cable industry and produced a 30.3% compounded annual return for its shareholders

#BREAKING John Malone's Liberty Media buys Formula One for $4.4 billion

John Malone wins the race to buy Formula One, with a bid that values the auto-racing franchise at $4.4 billion 🔓

Warren Buffett may go down as the greatest-ever stock-picker, but Liberty Media's John Malone rivals him: