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JUST IN: Judge dismisses coal exec's defamation suit against John Oliver
Watching John Oliver repeatedly say ‘we’ & ‘us’ when discussing America is comical.
Mate, you were born in the Midlands to a pair of Liverpudlian parents & speak in a thick Brummie accent.
You’re about as American as cricket & mushy peas, you shameless old fraud!
Court finds John Oliver has the right to hire giant squirrels to insult coal barons:
John Oliver to Trump: "Nazis are a lot like cats: if they like you, it’s probably because you’re feeding them”
John Oliver is a gold standard male feminist. Men need to be willing to make themselves uncomfortable to truly fight for gender equality.
John Oliver is back to deliver as much news as he can emotionally handle. #LastWeekTonight returns Sunday, February 18 at 11PM on @HBO.
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@iamjohnoliver John Oliver to Dustin Hoffman: “I can’t leave certain things unaddressed. The easy way is not to bring anything up. Unfortunately that leaves me at home later at night hating myself. Why…didn’t I say something? No one stands up to powerful men.”
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