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John McDonnell'>Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has told Sky News it is up to Labour's chief whip to decide on disciplinary action but he does not think the party's MPs will defy the whip and vote for the Brexit deal tomorrow because it is "such a poor deal"

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has blamed platforms and the Financial Conduct Authority for the Woodford crisis, and reiterated Labour's commitment to a review of culture and regulation in financial services. Read more @NewModelAdviser 

John McDonnell refuses to answer #BBCBreakfast  host Naga Munchetty's probe over #Brexit  rebel fears -'Enough on my plate'

"I'm going to have a chat with Ronnie." John McDonnell in not-at-all threatening promise to Ronnie Campbell, a Labour MP who says he will back the deal

John McDonnell refuses to answer #BBCBreakfast  host Naga Munchetty's probe over #Brexit  rebel fears -'Enough on my plate'

John McDonnell having a bit of a nightmare on @BBCr4today  with @JustinOnWeb  pointing out the logic of Labour claiming Tories would tear up workers rights, which suggests Johnson is going to win the election


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Dear John McDonnell. You can “send Jeremy Corbyn to Buckingham Palace to say “we’re taking over”” every day of the week, and every day of the week one shall tell him to piss off. Regards. The Queen.

"We should work to live, not live to work" Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says a Labour government would "reduce the average full-time working week to 32 hours within the next decade" #Lab19 

John McDonnell has said Labour can "convert" Jo Swinson to backing Jeremy Corbyn as caretaker leader following a no confidence vote. Who would you want to see as a caretaker leader?

Never-before-seen photographs show Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at wedding of Guildford Four's Paul Hill

Labour chief whip Nick Brown just told PLP the party would not back PM's snap election bid. He said party wanted Johnson to "stew in his own juices" and be made to "own" his mess, one present says. John McDonnell didnt demur.

"I can't forgive them for what they've done... I've never seen human suffering like this." John McDonnell'>Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on why he won't be friends with the Conservative party. Watch the full interview tonight at 22:30 | | #newsnight 

I wonder if it’s ok when condemning the behaviour toward Owen Jones & Anna Soubry, to gently point out that John McDonnell called for Tory MPs not to be able to show their faces in public without being challenged by direct action. And this shows at least the problem with that.

Venezuela is a failed state as it goes to the polls. Inflation may reach 13,000 percent this year. Most folks are going hungry, infants are dying of starvation. No wonder John McDonnell now disclaims it’s a socialist nation.

Promise broken: John McDonnell just let slip that Labour's commitment to wipe student debt was just an ambition. Retweet

Labour's John McDonnell shows an NHS cleaner's payslip for £297 a week and asks if Chancellor Philip Hammond could live on that #marr