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This year’s @RichterAward  will come from this list: Zach Driscoll Bemidji St Matt Galajda Cornell Spencer Knight BC John Lethemon MichSt Strauss Mann Michigan Frank Marotte Clarkson Dryden McKay MinnState Hunter Shepard MinnDuluth Jeremy Swayman Maine Tyler Wall UMass Lowell

Tonight’s entry in the Week Of Aimee Mann is a Dear John letter-with-bombs. It’s good. Of course. @aimeemann  #theforgottenarm 

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Christine Eady Mann and Donna Imam will continue to a runoff in the Democratic primary for U.S. House District 31. They’re vying for a chance to knock off U.S. Rep. John Carter. #tx2020  #TexasPrimary  #SuperTuesday 

Random fact: All five of the leading Dems in Iowa are married to educators. Jane Sanders (former college president), Bruce Mann (law professor), John Bessler (law professor) Jill Biden (English professor), Chasten Buttigieg (junior high teacher).

John Mann is wanted on a U.S. Marshals Service probation violation warrant for sex offender registration violation. @KCCrimeStop  >>

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what makes john frankenheimer and michael mann Film Artistes is that they understand gun shots should be Very Loud

Bruce Buck, Frank Lampard, Lord John Mann and Dr Kathrin Meyer with the declaration confirming Chelsea’s adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

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Books spotted on my commute: *SOMETIMES I ACT CRAZY by Jerold Kreisman & Hal Straus *THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN by Thomas Mann *AGENT RUNNING IN THE FIELD by John le Carre *THE DREAM OF ENLIGHTENMENT by Anthony Gottlieb *ANIMATE EARTH by @StephanHarding  #RedLineReaders 


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Anna Soubry: ‘A general election will solve nothing’ John Mann: ‘It will get rid of you’

BREAKING: John Mann, Canadian music icon and frontman for Vancouver rock band Spirit of the West, has died at age 57. Mann had battled early-onset Alzheimer's since 2014.

These 6 Labour MPs - 5 of whom are standing down - defied their party’s Whip to vote against the Letwin amendment. They’ll only be remembered for propping up hard Tory Brexit. •Kevin Barron •Ronnie Campbell •Jim Fitzpatrick •Caroline Flint •Kate Hoey •John Mann

Labour MPs backing Brexit bill: Kevin Barron Sarah Champion Rosie Cooper Jon Cruddas Gloria de Piero Jim Fitzpatrick Caroline Flint Mike Hill Dan Jarvis Emma Lewell-Buck John Mann Grahame Morris Lisa Nandy Mel Onn Stephanie Peacock Jo Platt Ruth Smeeth Laura Smith Gareth Snell

John Mann, Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer have voted with the Tories to save Theresa May's shambolic government and ensure a destructive Tory Brexit, or possibly a no deal calamity. They should all be kicked out of the Labour Party.

The fact that #Labour ’s top Zionists - John Mann'>Jess Phillips John Mann Wes Streeting et al are NOT Jewish renders the current #Corbyn  #AntiSemitism  brouhaha utterly absurd. Zionists and Jews are two separate things. Most Zionists are not Jews. Many Jews are not Zionists.

Thanks to Wes Streeting Jess Phillips John Mann LFI et al and of course the killer and thief #Netanyahu  a huge leap in consciousness around #Palestine  has been achieved and an irresistible movement in solidarity has been born. Nothing will ever be the same again #Gaza  #Corbyn