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In the writings of John Lukacs, future generations will not find a burden, but a blessing, writes @smithmarion .

John Lukacs, a maverick historian, prolific author and self-professed reactionary whose idiosyncratic views on politics, populism and pop culture exasperated doctrinaire liberals and conservatives alike, has died at 95

John Lukacs was a chronicler of modern Europe, a commentator on semantics and current events, and a romantic who lamented the vanished charm of the bourgeoisie

Very sorry to hear that the estimable John Lukacs has left us. I had the honor of editing a few of his stories (pretty easy gig) and the pleasure of sharing a few bottles of wine with him. He was old-school in all the best senses.

"I have had a happy unhappy life, which is preferable to an unhappy happy one." Obit for historian, John Lukacs, of 'Five Days in London':


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“I am not a survivor,” says John Lukacs, 94. "I am a crumbling remnant” of the end of the 500-year-long Age of Books

John Lukacs RIP He was an extraordinary voice, a traditional European conservative who fit into nobody's ideological boxes. A warm and humane man, his books The Duel and Five Days in London May 1940 are indispensable to understanding how Churchill outfoxed & out-thought Hitler.

John Lukacs'>Historian John Lukacs on his library and the magic of books: "What a miracle that the writings and the words of great people had been preserved for thousands of years even before an age of books came into existence!"

John Lukacs reviews The Devils’ Alliance: Hitler’s Pact with Stalin, 1939–1941 by Roger Moorhouse

John Lukacs'>Historian John Lukacs was 15 when World War II broke out. Here he reviews a new book about the Nazi–Soviet alliance: