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Listening to GOP apparatchiks attack Biden’s perceived neurological issues, it’s the lowest. Biden is John Cameron Swayze, Daniel Webster and Alex Trebek rolled into one compared to this fool we have now. My six year old daughter is a more cogent speaker than Trump

Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, John Cameron Swayze and the news people of their era may have listed to port a little but not like the totally sold out lefties who read the news today. They should send the democrat party a bill every month.

2/16/48 at 8 pm. 1936 Poverty Row western with Mr. Clara Bow debuted 5/15/40 when WNBT was still experimental. Preceded & followed by premiere of what would be renamed "Camel News Caravan'' w/John Cameron Swayze narrating daily newsreel produced by Fox.