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Unlike John Bolton, Robert O’Brien is relatively unknown in foreign-policy circles

BREAKING: North Korean official praises Trump’s “wise political decision” to fire John Bolton, who he calls a “nasty troublemaker.” - Bloomberg

What opportunities for better foreign policy emerge in John Bolton's departure from the White House? @CatoFP 's @EricGomezAsia  and @capreble  comment... #CatoFP 

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Unlike John Bolton, Robert O’Brien is relatively unknown in foreign-policy circles

North Korea applauds Trump’s “wise” decision to sack “nasty troublemaker” John Bolton

Fmr. NSA John Bolton had insisted that the North should follow the Libyan path of denuclearization by fully eliminating its nuclear program upfront in a possible deal with the US.

Robert O’Brien, who was tapped a week after Trump axed John Bolton, faces an imminent test over Iran


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I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore....

Was John Bolton fired? Did he resign? In a normal administration, these questions might matter. But in the Trump White House, it's like trying to read tea leaves in a tornado. It's a foreign policy dictated by chaos, ego, photo ops, and being the opposite of President Obama.

From the beginning, I felt John Bolton lacked the judgment and temperament to be National Security Advisor. Nothing he did in the job persuaded me otherwise. The only question about his replacement is the same after all Trump resignations: Will we go from bad to worse?

CNN: John Bolton Out As National Security Adviser MSNBC: Bolton Out As National Security Adviser Fox: CIA Slams CNN

John Bolton's sudden departure is a symbol of the disarray that has unnerved our allies since day one of the Trump Administration. Steady leadership & strategic foreign policy is key to ensuring America’s national security.

John Bolton has never met a war he didn’t like. He never should have been National Security Adviser in the first place.

NO WAR WITH IRAN! This would be an unmitigated disaster. We must stop Trump and his national security advisor, John Bolton—someone who likes endless wars.

In fact, my views on Venezuela, and especially Cuba, were far stronger than those of John Bolton. He was holding me back!

John Bolton was part of the effort to mislead the US into the disastrous Iraq war and has supported military action against North Korea and Iran. He was too extreme to be confirmed as UN ambassador in 2005 and is absolutely the wrong person to be national security advisor now.

Bleeding John Bolton Stumbles Into Capitol Building Claiming That Iran Shot Him

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