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Joe Lieberman stands up for and his unprecedented success: ‘Took Guts for to Do What He Did’ with Iran Deal
Joe Lieberman is one of the greatest politicians I have had the privilege of knowing and watching work with my father. He is a true example of bipartisanship and human decency that tragically has been lost in our current times. All of us in this country could take a page from him
I imagine a whole lot of folks under the age of 80 are asking who Joe Lieberman is.
ICYMI - Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has officially filed as a lobbyist for Chinese telecom company ZTE
Me to Joe Lieberman, 2012: "You’re retiring after serving 24 years in the Senate. What lobbying firm are you going to join now?"
Lieberman: "I’m not going to lobby. For sure."
2018: China's ZTE taps Joe Lieberman for D.C. damage control via @politico
Today, @CampaignLegal Center filed a complaint with the Justice Department, insisting that former Senator Joe Lieberman needs to register as a foreign agent under FARA for his work on behalf of a Chinese telecom company
Joe Lieberman says he hopes Ocasio-Cortez is not "the future" of Democratic party
After leaving the Senate, Joe Lieberman became a registered foreign agent for a Libyan businessman and politician.
The next FBI director cannot be perceived as a political appointee. Unfortunately, Joe Lieberman does not fit that description.
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