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📺WATCH: @Jim_Jordan  highlights why this is a predetermined impeachment by Democrats.

“The facts are on the President's side. We have an unfair process because they don't have the facts.” @Jim_Jordan 

BREAKING: Rep. @Jim_Jordan  dismantles the Democrats' entire impeachment narrative, in a matter of minutes.

A political action committee dedicated to defeating Rep. Jim Jordan is launching a new cable TV ad in Washington and Ohio.

Jim Jordan Busts Dem Law Prof Pam Karlan For Misrepresenting Trump’s Words on Ukraine Call

Jim Jordan Busts Dem Law Prof Pam Karlan For Misrepresenting Trump's Words on Ukraine Call

Oooh. I can’t wait for this law professor to get in @Jim_Jordan  ass!

Every time Jim Jordan questions someone it sounds like he's playing "Gotcha." But he never really "gets" anyone. Loud & off the rails. #impeachment 

Jim Jordan over the radio was going to send me careening off the road. Then I changed the channel on my Sirius to @HowardStern  and there was a replay of @HillaryClinton : sense, intelligence, humor, decency, leadership: oh, how I long for that parallel universe.


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“Jim Jordan says facts are on Trump's side after week of public impeachment hearings” @BretBaier 

Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower

This is not good. @Jim_Jordan  is very, very upset about the #ByeByeElise  hashtag He asks that we NOT use #ByeByeElise 

Jim Jordan: “Do you know what a quid pro quo is?” Guy appointed as an ambassador after donating $1M to Trump’s inauguration: “I do.”

A professional referee says that disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University, and he reported the encounter directly to Rep. Jim Jordan, who was then the assistant coach.

"Rep. Jim Jordan on House impeachment inquiry: Democrats are making up the rules as they go"

Stacey Plaskett is all of us looking at Jim Jordan, the last person who should address anyone’s character

Jim Jordan: No evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but 'all kinds' showing Clinton campaign did