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Jim Fallows: "If Donald Trump were in virtually any other position of responsibility, action would already be under way to remove him. public company board would have arranged shift out of power. Navy/airline/hospital would check his fitness"

Jim Fallows In praise of community colleges. I share his enthusiasm.

US-China relations: The view from cities and states w/Oregon Gov Kate Brown, former Missouri Gov Bob Holden, Jim Fallows, Deputy LA Mayor Nin Hachigian. Monday, July 29. 9:30 AM. via @BrookingsInst 

Wonderful 1+hr interview w/friends, Jim & Deb Fallows, about their new book & thoughts about USA DNA.

I’m at @ClemsonOne  for discussion by Jim & Deborah Fallows, authors of “Our Towns,” which features Greenville.

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Jim Fallows: From Donald Trump, a New Low. No strategy talk. No distraction theory, please. Don't savvy me.

Jim Fallows has an - as expected - sophisticated deconstruction of the inaugural speech

@lizloganhere @DanaHoule  Jim Fallows' "Breaking the News"

@davewiner -- also Jim Fallows at the Atlantic and Josh Marshall at TPM and Matt Yglesias at Vox, all must-reads.