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A total of 1,090 members of different medical assistance teams from Liaoning, Shanghai, Jilin, Guangdong, Shanxi, and Hebei left Leishenshan Hospital in #Wuhan  on Sunday as the epidemic outbreak in the hard-hit province has been subdued.

All 67 new #coronavirus  cases in #China  are “imported”, says top health authority. Overseas travelers: 18 Shanghai, 12 Inner Mongolia, 11 Guangdong, 6 Beijing, 6 Fujian, 3 Shaanxi, 2 Tianjin, 2 Zhejiang, 2 Jiangsu, 2 Yunnan, 1 Shanxi, 1 Jilin, 1 Henan.

Dare to navigate the river on a wooden raft? This is how villagers deftly transport wood on the Yalu River in NE China’s Jilin Province.

Wetland in NE China's Jilin Province welcomes rare migratory birds

In video: A medical team sent to #Wuhan  from NE China’s Jilin uses a video conference system to facilitate distant consultation and better monitor patients’ health.

Protected eagle species spotted in NE #China 's Jilin

Feel the beauty of tranquility! Hanging Kettle waterfalls in NE China's Jilin, where tourists rarely visit in winter, quietly shines in the flickering sunlight.

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, is one of the leading centers of the automobile industry in China, along with Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changchun (Jilin Province). There are about a hundred factories of suppliers of automotive components in the region.

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As of February 5, there were 54 confirmed cases in Jilin province and 88 confirmed cases in Liaoning province, China’s two northeastern provinces that share a boarder with North Korea.

Oversees the construction process of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital through aerial images taken by Jilin-1 high-resolution optical remote sensing satellite. The Huoshenshan Hospital is expected to open around Feb 2, providing 700 to 1,000 beds for patients with #nCoV2019 .


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A suspected meteorite lit up the sky in #China , making night time look like daylight ??? CCTV recordings across Jilin Province capture the moment light streaks fill the skyline and then vanishes. Find more videos like this here:

Live: Medics from various places including Tianjin municipalities, Jilin Province, help combat #coronavirus  in Wuhan

Another Chinese province reports its first confirmed case of novel #coronavirus : A 42-year-old woman who travelled from #Wuhan  to Changchun, NE China's Jilin Province more:

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The road to an icy kingdom! Rime scenery in NE China's Jilin.

ICE ON DISPLAY: An ice park showcasing ice sculptures, ice slides, and labyrinths will open on Friday in the Jilin Province in China. 39 ice sculptures will be on display, the tallest being almost 70 feet high.

Road slumps near metro station construction site in Changchun, northeast China's Jilin Province; no casualties reported

Dolled up! A woman bus driver in NE #China ’s Jilin Province decorates bus interior using more than 30 dolls and stuffed toys

China opens a 412km-long railway connecting Changchun in Jilin Province and Ulanhot in #InnerMongolia  Autonomous Region

Bullet trains that can convert seats to sleeping berths roll off production line in NE China's Jilin. They can run in severe cold #XinhuaTV