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What they were hit with three weeks ago in Operation Black Belt, in which we targeted the leader of Jihad'>Islamic Jihad and dozens of militants from the organization, was just for starters.

3/ So the Sauds are going to pony up & "compensate" Pensacola families. How much will the AMERICAN government compensate victims of lax, deadly military training partnerships & billion-dollar weapons deals with jihad-coddling countries?

Jihadi who killed three at Pensacola naval station ‘hosted dinner party with three fellow Muslim countrymen to watch videos of mass shootings’ days before the attack: The savage pornography is an effective tool for recruiting other Muslims to jihad.

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Officials not yet classifying the #Pensacolashooting  as an act of jihad terrorism but are working with that "presumption." I anchor at 1 pm EST on the Fox News Channel with @ArthelNeville  with the latest, after @edhenry . #foxnews  @FoxNews  #TerroristAttack 

6 More SAUDI JIHADIS Arrested Over Pensacola Naval Base SHOOTING INCLUDING 3 WHO FILMED THE ATTACK: Jihad porn. Brace yourself for a media deluge of "fear of reprisals" and "islamophobia" while the victims bleed out.

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Jihad-Rep. Rashida Tlaib wears terrorist symbol on the House floor while opposing existence of Jewish state: The new face of the Democrats wears the jihad war scarf while our soldiers were being gunned down on a Florida naval base in service to the same…

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Video: A man made the difficult decision to turn in his terrorist grandson after finding out he had killed a person for so-called jihad For more: #Antiterrorism  #Xinjiang 

FLORIDA JIHAD: Muslim terrorist who opened fire on US Navy base in Florida as member of SAUDI MILITARY: Trump's national security ban is not enough. 4 dead, 8 wounded. How many people have to die? Answer me. 19 of the Muslim terrorists on 9/11 were Saudi…

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“What disturbs me most about this law is that it could be a harbinger of very bad times. With the second largest Muslim population in the world, we have contributed the least number of holy warriors to the worldwide jihad. But how long will things stay this way?” @tavleen_singh 

The #rockets  come amid heavy fighting between Israeli forces and #Palestinian  Jihad'>Islamic Jihad a few weeks earlier, which ended a #ceasefire .


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Jihad'>Islamic Jihad doesn't want you to see this video. But we're going to tweet it anyway.

We were trying to tweet about more rockets being fired at Israel by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, but @Twitter  kept blocking our tweet for being repetitive. It is repetitive. But it’s important. Please RT.

Imagine your weather app said it was raining rockets. This is what Israeli civilians are experiencing right now: non-stop rockets launched at them by Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We will continue to operate until there are clear skies over Israel.

Our fighter jets have begun striking Jihad'>Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza. #JiHadEnough 

US official tells @npwcnn  that the campaign to defeat ISIS in Syria is “over for now” and that ISIS “has a second lease on life with nearly 100,000 [people] who will re-join their jihad.” In this official’s opinion, “US policy has failed.”

Dear world, This morning we killed an Jihad'>Islamic Jihad commander in #Gaza . This is why you should care:

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens....

The Israeli Air Force just targeted 3 Jihad'>Islamic Jihad terrorists who fired rockets from #Gaza  at Israeli civilians earlier today. Terror target civilians. Israel targets terror.

Aarti Tikoo Singh, senior Indian journalist from Kashmir at US House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on 'Human Rights in South Asia': The 30 years of Islamicjihad & terror in Kashmir perpetrated by Pakistan has been completely ignored & overlooked by the world press.

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PRECISION STRIKE: Earlier today, we targeted Hamed Ahmed Khudari in Gaza. He was responsible for transferring Iranian money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The funds were used to build the hundreds of rockets recently fired at Israel. Iran will need to find a new money man in Gaza.