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@BBCNewsnight  @lisanandy2 / Nandy as the "new Jess Phillips " is tactically logical but makes a mockery of the GMB nominating her, and the "Becky#1 , Lisa#2  " tactics of some of the left... and here's why...

@CrowsAFLW  ruck Jess Foley has opened up about the off-field influence of the #AFLW  team’s co-captains Erin Phillips and Chelsea Randall, despite them both suffering torn ACLs in 2019.

Tickets for our Birmingham show are on sale now (and you can grab one here ). In the meanwhile, why not listen to our 2019 Birmingham show, where our guests were Jess Phillips, Beverley Knight and the boss, @SarahMillican75 

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The virulent criticism Jess Phillips endured at the hands of Jeremy Corbyn loyalists says more about the party than it does about her. | @katyballs 

Jess Phillips' team say 70,000 new members joined to back her for Labour leader

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Labour MP Jess Phillips treats the Commons to an incredible speech

? Jess Phillips doesn't hold back! ? "Of course somebody like me could be the leader of the #Labour  party... ...We're going to have to do what needs to be done in the Labour Party and I'll absolutely be part of that solution" #ge2019 

MUST WATCH: Labour's Jess Phillips undermines Corbyn's manifesto by admitting they can't or won't deliver on their promises. With no clear plan for Brexit, Labour just can't deliver. ?

"When I hear of my friend's murder described as 'humbug', I actually don't feel anger for the PM. I feel pity for those of you who have to tow his line" Labour's Jess Phillips calls on PM to apologise for language "designed to inflame hatred and division"

Labour backbencher Jess Phillips has said she may consider running for the party leadership if Jeremy Corbyn stands down.

“We’re about to enter into a battle where foreign funding can flood into our system.” Labour MP Jess Phillips says the UK’s electoral laws are “not fit for purpose”.

UPDATE: When Jess Phillips told Owen Jones she would stab a politician she disagreed with...

"It is an abomination... you have sat by silently while your colleagues have been marched out" - Jess Phillips. 21 Tories were sacked for defying Johnson over Brexit, including Winston Churchill's grandson and the current longest-serving MP. Follow live:

"I feel so enraged with the complete and utter lack of bravery to do the right thing for our country." Labour's Jess Phillips asks the Prime Minister if she will "do once what is best for the country, not what if best for any of us" and vote against a no-deal Brexit herself.

"What matters more - political power or protecting victims of sexual harassment and abuse?" Labour MP Jess Phillips asks who two Tory MPs, suspended for alleged sexual misconduct, had their positions restored to take part in Theresa May's confidence vote.