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Jeremy Hunt tells the @pestononsunday  show he stands by statement there are risks in holding election before Brexit is sorted

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As I was saying, I will ask @Jeremy_Hunt  - on #peston  in 10 mins, ITV - whether he still thinks bonkers to have election before Brexit

Spare a thought for Jeremy Hunt. He lost the Tory leadership election after saying he would delay Brexit by a few days to get a deal over the line. Boris - who said he would rather die in a ditch than extend - has just done exactly that.

Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew is on the hunt for always-on media startups

Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew is on the hunt for always-on media startups by @epeckham 

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Lightspeed's Jeremy Liew is on the hunt for always-on media startups via TechCrunch's Extra Crunch 🔒

@MichaelMarmot  - I once wrote to Jeremy Hunt saying he should take the slow down in life expectancy as seriously as winter bed crisis in hospitals. He did. He ignored them both! #RCGPAC 

Am told Jeremy Hunt has also come out and said he was wrong. Any more?


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Today I have written to Jeremy Hunt to ask what investigations are taking place into Russian attempts to influence the EU referendum. It's time we followed the money and the lies and held a Mueller-style inquiry into the subverting of our own democracy.

If Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt won't use "the R word", I will: Donald Trump telling four Congresswomen of colour to "go back" is racist. The two contenders to be the next Prime Minister should call out this far-right hate speech for what it is.

I’ll always remember the consultant telling me that I was moments from dying. And had Jeremy Hunt achieved his wish of closing down Lewisham Hospital, the extra journey time to the next A&E would have guaranteed my son and daughter no longer had a father.

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Jeremy Hunt is the person who came up with the plan to make over-75s pay for their TV licences, LBC can reveal.

The cat is out the bag. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will use a No Deal crisis just like the Tories used the financial crisis: to give tax cuts to big business as part of their turbocharged disaster capitalism.

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After Jeremy Hunt says the UK’s next Prime Minister must be trustworthy, many wonder if there’s a third candidate that they’re unaware of.

As Jeremy Hunt calls for tougher sanctions to punish Russia, some suggest putting him in charge of their healthcare system.

“Unacceptable… unacceptable… unacceptable.” When it comes to the NHS, Jeremy Hunt and the Tories are a broken record. It’s time they admitted that the biggest thing that’s unacceptable here… is them. Agree with us? Hit RT ↓

As a frontline cancer specialist, I'm incandescent that Jeremy Hunt has been reappointed as Health Secretary. He's a danger to public health

@Jeremy_Hunt  you have failed our NHS & our country. Your own local hospital has declared a state of emergency. Stop dithering & take action