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Jeremy Corbyn has called a vote of #NoConfidence in Theresa May’s Government. Here’s why.
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tables motion of no confidence in UK PM Theresa May's government after heavy defeat in MPs' #BrexitVote

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tables no confidence motion in Theresa May's government after #BrexitVote defeat
Jeremy Corbyn could be making an historic speech right now. For the opposition leader, the planets are aligned for something epochal, spectacular and unforgettable.
But he isn't.
(P.S. May is rubbish too so spare me the whataboutery.)
And lo, unto her did appear a host of Corbyn defenders, who did descend upon her mentions, and she was not sore afraid, because she was used to it. And the host did sing with one voice, ‘ungodly woman, thou foolest us not. We know the true reason thou despisest Saint Jeremy.’ 1
Jeremy Corbyn says the real divide is many/few not remain/leave. But remain v leave has CRITICAL impact on many/few divide. Leave is a sluice gate to a more unequal and poorer Britain. There is no #brexit for the many.
The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a motion of no confidence in the Government following its defeat in the House of Commons over Theresa May's Brexit deal which will be debated in the Commons tomorrow
Just after Theresa May's Brexit deal is crushed by a record margin, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn confirms he has put forward a no-confidence vote in the government #BrexitVote
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland has no confidence in this UK government and tomorrow SNP MPs will vote to bring down this Tory Gov't. If the motion of no confidence does not pass, then Labour and Jeremy Corbyn must finally get off the fence and support a #PeoplesVote.
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