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Has the coronavirus crisis proved Jeremy Corbyn ‘absolutely right’? My answer will shock you

Sir Keir Starmer is planning to purge Jeremy Corbyn’s allies in the shadow cabinet and party headquarters within weeks of becoming Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn claims coronavirus has proved his election platform right - but this is not ordinary politics #iweekend 

Yes, Jeremy Corbyn is still here and he’s still right about everything

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that the government bailout to tackle the pandemic proves he was “absolutely right” about increasing public spending

Jeremy Corbyn: Government's coronavirus response shows I was 'absolutely right' on public spending

Jeremy Corbyn tried to use Government’s coronavirus response to prove his policies as Labour leader were 'right'

Jeremy Corbyn: Government's coronavirus response shows I was 'absolutely right' on public spending


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"I was denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we could possibly afford" Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government's coronavirus response proves he was "right" about public spending at the 2019 election @bbclaurak 

“For you to blame Jeremy Corbyn, particularly after your colleagues on the right of the party pushed him to adopt that position of a second referendum, is absolutely abhorrent” This #bbcqt  audience member criticises parts of the Labour Party for their treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

TV actress Maureen Lipman in blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour with mock version of her iconic BT advert

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RIP Jeremy Corbyn's political career. Britain stared radical socialism in the face and said: 'Nah.'

Would be very hard for Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, to seek a no-confidence vote against New Prime Minister Boris Johnson, especially in light of the fact that Boris is exactly what the U.K. has been looking for, & will prove to be “a great one!” Love U.K.

Oh. My. God. Jeremy Corbyn is holding a press conference revealing 400 pages of unredacted documents exposing the NHS is on the table in US trade talks

The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between

I defy anyone, anyone, to find quotes from Jeremy Corbyn about Jews or Judaism that come anywhere, anywhere, close to these quotes from Boris Johnson on Islam and Muslims, and yet one is the prime minister and the other - we are told daily by the media - is unfit to the PM. FFS.

"Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, Oh Jeremy Corbyn". Glastonbury crowds cheer the Labour leader as he delivers a political speech.

Theresa May promised again and again that if she lost six seats, Jeremy Corbyn would be PM. Last night she lost at least 12.