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It is fair and objective to note - as Trump now admits that approx 2.2 million Americans could die from #coronavirus  without intense mitigation efforts - that his delays and downplaying of the virus as far back as January have put more lives, perhaps many more, in jeopardy now

WLS DAILY DOUBLE! Did you catch our cameo on @Jeopardy  today?

Laurie Metcalf was just a #Jeopardy  question and, yes, I screamed at my TV

LSU's Ed Orgeron said he does not think the college football season is in jeopardy right now

Rolls-Royce targets in jeopardy as pandemic brings air travel slump

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Check out the fact that you can’t get a job at ratings challenged unless you state that you are totally anti-Trump? Little Jeff Zuker, whose job is in jeopardy, is not having much fun lately. They should clean up and strengthen CNN and get back to honest reporting!

To my Republican colleagues: How long will you remain silent as President Trump lays ruin to our alliances and tears apart the very fabric of our democracy? Patriots do not stand mute when our country is in jeopardy, no matter what party occupies the White House.

Your brand is not in jeopardy by public opposition to Trump. Your nation is in jeopardy without it.

#BREAKING : I just signed legislation closing New York's double jeopardy loophole, authorizing the state to prosecute individuals pardoned by a president. No one is above the law and New York will not turn a blind eye to criminality, no matter who seeks to protect them.

For some reason the name Manafort has not tickled the Twitter fingers of the President for a few days. "I'll take Jeopardy'>Legal Jeopardy for 600, Alex..."

William Barr may now be in legal jeopardy. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the President never asked him to investigate anyone. He should be brought back before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain his previous testimony.

“Bruce Ohr of DOJ is in legal jeopardy, it’s astonishing that he’s still employed. Bruce & Nelly Ohr’s bank account is getting fatter & fatter because of the Dossier that they are both peddling. He doesn’t disclose it under Fed Regs. Using your Federal office for personal.......

Horses are finally safe. My children are safe. My home is in jeopardy but... everything with a heartbeat is safe. Thank you all for your concern. To those who insisted on still being hurtful because our political affiliation is different, you are what is wrong with the country.

Under no circumstances should Rod Rosenstein resign. This would place the Mueller investigation in even greater jeopardy. Rosenstein should continue to do his job, protect the independence of the DOJ, and if the President intends to obstruct justice, force Trump to fire him.

The president's Supreme Court nominee has said sitting presidents can NOT be prosecuted, should NOT be investigated, and should have the authority to fire a special counsel AT WILL. With the president facing serious legal jeopardy, the nomination should not be moving forward.