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“Jennifer Arcuri symbolised UK tech’s Britpop era” - A historical look back at the heady days of the so-called “Tech Britannia” era, by me

By my reckoning, if Johnson wins, we will have a PM who may be facing criminal charges over 1. Vote Leave illegal activity 2. Jennifer Arcuri 3. Bribery during an election FUN TIMES. (Vote them out)

“It was the way she was simpering at the camera. Simpering is a thing that drives me nuts!” Lorraine Kelly@reallorraine ) tells @TherealNihal  about calling Jennifer Arcuri out on @GMB . 🎧 Listen via @BBCSounds 

#politicaladventcalendar  Day 4: Boris Johnson insists he has never been to the North Pole. Or the South Pole. Or any other part of Jennifer Arcuri's flat.

Interviewers for tomorrow's Marr show will be Andrew Neil, Emily Maitlis, Emma Barnett, Eddie Mair, Jennifer Arcuri and a team of medieval Spanish torturers

Jennifer Arcuri claims Boris Johnson was angry when he became foreign secretary because he could no longer visit her home

Jennifer Arcuri claims Boris Johnson was angry when he became foreign secretary because he could no longer visit her home

Boris Johnson 'affair' woman Jennifer Arcuri 'admires' the PM's ex-wife but doesn't know 'how she put up with' their relationship

When Jennifer Arcuri's friendship with Boris Johnson was exposed two months ago, it made headlines. Now she tells Alice Thomson her side of the story


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NEW: Jennifer Arcuri says police watchdog IOPC has requested she assist with inquiries into whether Boris Johnson shld face an investigation for alleged misconduct over conflict of interest claims when London Mayor. It’s understood this could relate to emails/texts between them.

As Jennifer Arcuri prepares to throw Boris under the bus, No 10 asks if they can at least write a lie on it first.

Jennifer Arcuri cannot understand why @BorisJohnson  has "blocked" and "ignored" her, even though she has been "a true friend" and "kept his secrets". Quite extraordinary clip from @ITV  interview

Boris Johnson refuses six times to answer questions about claims of a conflict of interest over £126,000 of grants awarded to US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri

The Greater London Authority has referred Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the Independent Office for Police Conduct for a possible investigation into whether he committed misconduct in a public office in connection to his friendship with American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri told friends she was having a sexual affair with Boris Johnson. Oh dear. Good luck with the criminal investigation Mr Johnson.

Organisers of Boris Johnson's trade trips when he was Mayor of London have told Sky News they were surprised American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri was selected to attend and say the then-mayor "asked for her to be involved"

That's an answer that may come back to haunt @Boris Johnson re Jennifer Arcuri getting public money while having a friendship with him as Mayor of London. Marr: "Did you declare an interest? Johnson: "No..there was no interest to declare."

Boris Johnson refused to say that he’d declared an interest over the Jennifer Arcuri affair. If he had declared that interest I imagine he’d be tripping over himself to say so. I’ll wager he failed to do so. He’s in serious trouble.