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#Survivor fans may want to take note of what Jeff Probst told me about the possibility of Edge of Extinction in future seasons in this week's Q&A.

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Jeff Probst addresses my big Edge of Extinction gripe, explains what happened to Rob & Natalie's idols, and talks about the voted-out player in this week's #Survivor  Q&A!

Jeff Probst calls Winners at War 'the best season of Survivor we've ever seen'

also, how can you not watch a show where the host expresses open disgust for anyone who doesn't give their all or quits, once telling someone, "don't take care, hope to see you never"?! jeff probst wishes!

Jeff Probst shares his thoughts on the person arriving at and departing from Edge of Extinction in this week's #Survivor  Q&A.

Jeff Probst on 'one of the most vicious moves in the history' of #Survivor  The host also reveals if players can divide their tokens after being voted out. Plus: An exclusive deleted scene!

One of my favorites to hang with on location for Survivor is also my favorite Instagram follow. Contestants know evillbrie as the one who hovers behind Jeff Probst and John Kirhoffer during challenge instructions to…

Jeff Probst'>Host Jeff Probst informed the crew in a letter that the show was pushing #Survivor  filming by two months due to COVID-19.


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EXCLUSIVE: #Survivor  delaying production on next season due to coronavirus. Jeff Probst informed the crew today in a letter. Read the letter and get all the information here.

You asked for it. You got it. We redid the epic supercut of all 40 Jeff Probst death-defying intros, adding in the zoom outs at the end. The result is 6 minutes of #Survivor  bliss. Enjoy.

Last night — less than 2 months after December’s #Survivor  finale saw host Jeff Probst deliver an unprecedented on-air apology for the show’s mishandling of a #MeToo  controversy — a new season premiered

#Survivor host Jeff Probst talks about first player ever ejected from the game

Jeff Probst addresses the 'inappropriate touching' fallout on #Survivor . Kellee, Dan, Janet, Missy, Elizabeth, production's role. We get into it all.

I'd really like to be on Survivor - I would rule like lord of the flies. could everyone tweet Jeff probst and help convince him? Hug 4 u

#Survivor host Jeff Probst on Jeff Varner outing Zeke as transgender: "You just don’t do that to someone."

#Survivor host Jeff Probst says "there will be no consistency" with hidden immunity idols this season.