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jeff sessions was asked why the fbi investigates black extremists but not the kkk it did not go well for him
Jeff Sessions was asked why the FBI investigates ‘Black extremists’ but not the KKK. It did not go well for him.
Donald J. Trump
wow so many lies by now disgraced acting fbi director andrew mccabe he was fired for lying and now his story g
Wow, so many lies by now disgraced acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He was fired for lying, and now his story gets even more deranged. He and Rod Rosenstein, who was hired by Jeff Sessions (another beauty), look like they were planning a very illegal act, and got caught.....
Niall Horan
unbelievable jeff that would be insane less of that shit from you tommo
Unbelievable Jeff ! That would be insane ! Less of that shit from you Tommo
Maxine Waters
so comey told jeff sessions he didn t want to be alone with trump women across the country can relate
So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.
Adam Schiff
president trump just removed jeff sessions he wants an attorney general to serve his interest not the public m
President Trump just removed Jeff Sessions. He wants an Attorney General to serve his interest, not the public.

Mueller's investigation and the independence of the DOJ must be protected. Whitaker and any nominee must commit to doing both.

We will protect the rule of law.
Donald J. Trump
the american media has changed forever news organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct those th
“The American Media has changed forever. News organizations that seemed like a big deal are now extinct. Those that remain have now degraded themselves beyond recognition, like the New Yorker - or they’ve been purchased by Jeff Bezos to conduct unregistered lobbying for.........
Donald J. Trump
she congresswoman omar keeps on assaulting jews jeff ballabon b2 strategic ceo
“She (Congresswoman Omar) keeps on assaulting Jews...”
Jeff Ballabon, B2 Strategic, CEO
Donald J. Trump
whats completely unacceptable is for congesswoman omar to target jews in this case stephen miller jeff ballabo
“What’s completely unacceptable is for Congesswoman Omar to target Jews, in this case Stephen Miller.” Jeff Ballabon, B2 Strategic, CEO.
Donald J. Trump
we are pleased to announce that matthew g whitaker chief of staff to attorney general jeff sessions at the dep
We are pleased to announce that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, will become our new Acting Attorney General of the United States. He will serve our Country well....
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members of the world s 100 billion club 1 jeff bezos 2 bill gates 3 bernard arnault 4 that s it 5 not you read
Members of the world's $100 billion club:

1. Jeff Bezos
2. Bill Gates
3. Bernard Arnault
4. That's it
5. Not you

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