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Road rage caused Jefferson County man to ram Jeep into car, beat 68-year-old, charges say

#American #APC  pushing #Russian  #army  jeep off road in #Syria  MORE:

Surveillance video of the incident shows him approach a Jeep Patriot in the parking lot when someone inside the car opens fire, striking Gray once, police said. He runs but is shot “several more times,” police said.

US military truck caught on camera ramming Russianjeep off the road in Syria

'LUCKY NO ONE WAS KILLED': Tire smashes into Jeep on Hwy. 7

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Refitted toy jeep used to buy food in east China amid epidemic outbreak. #FightVirus 

Lowest rated auto brands according to @ConsumerReports  (out of 33 brands). 29) Cadillac 30) Land Rover 31) Jeep 32) Mitsubishi 33) Fiat.

JUST IN: Human remains discovered at site where missing Statesville man’s Jeep was found

Student's family claims wayward jeep's operator would rather be taken to court


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Incredible video shows a cheetah on a hunt jumping into a jeep to find a better scouting spot. The passenger stayed quiet and didn’t make eye contact so the cheetah didn’t see him as a threat.

Physicist says taking a charge from Zion = same force as a head-on collision with a Jeep, per @WSJSports 

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Took the doors of the jeep today, pretty stoked haha

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#WATCH Gujarat: Shots from different angles of Banaskantha protest yesterday, where protesters attacked a Policejeep. FIR has been registered against 3022 people, of which 22 people have been identified. #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

Incredible footage of the North Korean soldier making his escape through the DMZ, first in a jeep and then on foot. Can clearly see North Koreans running to shoot their "comrade"

Houston need your help! Courtney Roland was last seen the evening of 1/6 in the Heights. She texted her roommate she was being followed by suspicious man in a blue truck. She was driving a '15 Jeep Cherokee Plate'>Silver Jeep Cherokee Plate HZC7778. PLEASE call HPD missing person 832-394-1840 w/ info

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