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Donald Trump Jr.
al jazeera is now openly publishing holocaust denial videos on their facebook page will take action amp ban th
Al-Jazeera is now openly publishing Holocaust Denial videos on their facebook page.

Will @facebook take action & ban them for this like they've done to conservatives for far less?

Will frequent @CNN guest @mehdirhasan resign from @AlJazeera in protest of this grotesque video?
Al Jazeera English
to those who demand that al jazeera be shut down we too have demands demandpressfreedom journalismisnotacrime
To those who demand that Al Jazeera be shut down. We too have demands.

#DemandPressFreedom #JournalismIsNotACrime
Al Jazeera News
breaking al jazeera media network under cyber attack on all systems websites amp social media platforms more s
BREAKING: Al Jazeera Media Network under cyber attack on all systems, websites & social media platforms. More soon:
Mehdi Hasan
for the record al jazeera deleted amp disowned the video called it offensive amp are disciplining the 2 journa
For the record, Al Jazeera deleted & disowned the video, called it offensive, & are disciplining the 2 journalists behind it.

I have a long history of condemning antisemitism & Holocaust denial.

Has your dad ever disowned anything antisemitic or Islamophobic that he’s said?
Mehdi Hasan
as someone who has spent my life slamming antisemitic holocaust denialism esp in muslim communities glad to se
As someone who has spent my life slamming antisemitic Holocaust denialism, esp in Muslim communities, glad to see Al Jazeera bosses taking disciplinary action against 2 of their journos for a ridiculously offensive and dumb video - and disowning it, too.
Jonathan Green
im not sure it gets much better than one nation being taken down by al jazeera
I’m not sure it gets much better than One Nation being taken down by Al Jazeera.
Glenn Greenwald
people in guantanamo have been kept by the us in cages in the middle of an ocean thousands of miles from their
People in Guantanamo have been kept by the U.S. in cages, in the middle of an ocean thousands of miles from their homes, *for 14-16 years* with no charges or due process of any kind & no end in sight, under 3 different Presidents. At one point it included an Al Jazeera journalist
The Associated Press
breaking saudi arabia other arab nations demand that qatar close al jazeera cut diplomatic ties to iran shutte
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations demand that Qatar close Al-Jazeera, cut diplomatic ties to Iran, shutter Turkish base.
google s secret plan to help overthrow syria using qatari state broadcaster al jazeera as sent to hillary clin
Google's secret plan to help overthrow Syria using Qatari state broadcaster al-Jazeera as sent to Hillary Clinton
pdf for the covert defection tracker project that google ideas and clinton s dos laundered through al jazeera
PDF for the covert "Defection Tracker" project that Google Ideas and Clinton's DoS laundered through al-Jazeera
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