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Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he won't investigate Michael Flynn. Evidently he's too busy investigating The Case of the Missing Spine!
“I think that situation has taken care of itself,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Flynn. Seriously? From guy who vowed serial hearings on HRC?
House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz says it appears that Michael Flynn accepted money from Russia
Just a heads up, Jason Chaffetz, aka @jasoninthehouse is the guy who's choosing NOT to investigate Flynn and Trump's ties to Russia.
JASON CHAFFETZ expected to announce today he will step down from Congress early. Comes days after Comey subpoena.His office declines comment
In last 24 hrs:
1 Jason Chaffetz stepping down
2 Bill O'Reilly heading for exits
3 Ossoff hit 48% in GOP plus 20 district
This is change
7 months
“Maybe rather than getting that new iPhone” Americans “should invest in their own healthcare” - Rep. Jason Chaffetz
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Rep Jason Chaffetz R-UT tells reporters there's no need to further probe Flynn. "It’s taking care of itself"
Rep. Jason Chaffetz: 'Where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute?'
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jason Chaffetz is a coward
Paul Ryan is too.
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