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Jared making deals in the White House. Trump signing tax cuts for real estate developers. The first family is not draining the swamp, they’re licensing it, and branding it with great big gold letters.
On 12/16/16 Jared K bragged that Trump had struck a deal with Sinclair that would improve their coverage. This is the payoff. Netanyahu is facing jail for something similar. Tribune merger must be stopped
Jared Kushner's family real-estate company has reportedly been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury
Question of the day: who, out of the blue, gave Jared Kushner the $1.2 billion to bail out 666 Fifth Avenue? Was the visit by the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia a mere coincidence? Enquiring minds should want to know...
Our President is attacking a US based company/major employer - driving the stock down over 5%, causing broader markets to sink
- Who holds the stock? pensions/endowments/401ks/employees

Trump family tried to vote absentee in the NYC mayoral election:

MELANIA: Didn't follow directions to sign envelope so her vote didn't count

IVANKA: Sent it on election day, too late

JARED: Never sent ballot

DONALD: Got his own b-day wrong by a month
A question we've been asking on #AMJoy, now getting answered...

Qatar Refused to Invest in Kushner’s Firm. Weeks Later, Jared Backed a Blockade of Qatar.
Jared Leto as the joker is gonna be so good.
Qatar was blockaded not long after refusing to bail Jared Kushner out at 666 Fifth Avenue.Jared just magically got the $1.2 billion he needs and no one knows from where. And suddenly Qatar is off the baddies list. AlsoJared is super chummy with the de facto Saudi ruler. Whats up?
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