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Shinnenkai events are also a chance to celebrate Japanese culture, so thanks to my #EmbassyChef  team for creating traditional "osechi ryori " dishes, Yoko Reikano KIMURA for beautiful koto music, & Michelle Fowlin for performing the Japanese National Anthem. -Ambassador Sugiyama

A rousing rendition of the Japanese national anthem by the passionate crowd at #RWCYokohama  Passion levels ? Follow the game LIVE: #RWC2019  #JPNvSCO 

Wales rugby team stunned as fans form huge queue to see their first training session before World Cup… before serenading them with Welsh national anthem in Japanese

Debate has surfaced over whether the use of South Korea’s national anthem composed by Ahn Eak-tai, whose pro-Japanese activities during Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula have come under scrutiny. | @TheKoreaHerald  #AsiaNewsNetwork 

Before the trophy presentation all stand for the playing of the Japanese national anthem.

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Awkward. As March 1 centennial approaches, a closer look at the composer of S. Korea's de facto national anthem unearths not only pro-Japanese ties, but Nazi connections.

Ex Japanese teachers who refused to sing national anthem (hymn to Emperor) lose lawsuit in supreme court

It's #TaxDay , hosts Japanese PM Shinzo Abe & talks cringe-worthy National Anthem. delivers that and more top stories on . Spend 6 minutes every morning catching u #TheWhipAround  on the latest headlines


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Japanese National Anthem. Race will start behind the safety car. #6hFuji  #WEC 

The shortest national anthem in the world is the Japanese ‘Kimigayo’ which has just 32 characters.

Japanese athletes not to 'mumble' national anthem

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Special to hear the Japanese national anthem sung by @Australian_Navy , at an event for the Emperor's 82nd bday

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Sang the Japanese National Anthem #コボスタ宮城 #楽天イーグルス #日本ハム

Japanese court awards compensation for teachers forced to sing national anthem