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@AsmMuratsuchi  President Roosevelt authorized the incarceration of 120K people of Japanese ancestry without due process in 1942. 2/3 were American citizens. They were forced to abandon their jobs and assigned numbers.

"You're talking about folks who were American citizens, who were forced to leave their homes, forced to leave most of their possessions behind, to leave their pets behind." — Jeffrey Moy, National President of the Japanese AmericanCitizens League

Sacramento Bee photographer reflects on California's apology for WWII Japanese-American internment camps

England rugby coach Eddie Jones, born to a Japanese-American mother and Australian father, was asked about meditation: "You must be thinking about someone else, maybe another half-Asian person ... Maybe we all look the same.” He has since apologized.


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To those who lecture about "family values" and explicitly or tacitly condone removing THOUSANDS of children from their parents... One child would be a tragedy. This is a national shame and disgrace that I believe will be likened at least somewhat to Japanese-American Internment.

The more things change: "What Makes a Concentration Camp?" July 23, 1979 story in the L.A. Times about people objecting to Japanese American internment camps being called "concentration camps."

This photo of a Japanese American internment camp represents one of the darkest chapters of our history. Yesterday it was announced Donald Trump will be reopening one of these camps to detain migrant children. These children belong in homes, schools, and parks—not prison camps.

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As a child, George Takei spent 3 years in a Japanese-American internment camp. Decades later, he is helping bring that experience to audiences with AMC’s “The Terror.”

. said his steel tariffs would help the US steel industry. Instead, gave hundreds of exemptions to subsidiaries of Chinese & Japanese companies. Charging American firms more while foreign companies skate by is just plain wrong.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, I used to get the occasional "go back to China" while playing sports. (I was actually born in Germany, on an American military base b/c my Japanese-American dad spent 20+ years in Army after being jailed 4 years in WWII internment camp in Utah.)

Today marks 77 years since FDR signed an executive order sending 110,000 American citizens and Japanese nationals to internment camps. The #DayofRemembrance  serves as a stark reminder that racism, xenophobia and fearmongering run contrary to our most basic American values.

Census data was used in the 1940s to target Japanese American families for internment during World War II. There are legitimate concerns about adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

The racist internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II was a shameful chapter in American history. We're not going back.

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