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Looks like the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English for nearly 2 hrs to avoid talking to Trump
May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.
Here's a stage pic to say thanks Australia and japan
1st japan show day woooo
Great shows so far in Japan ! Buzzing to see a fan in a Donny shirt haha !!
I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States.
so sad we can’t be at the Brits tonight as we are in Japan on tour ! Massive thanks to all of you voting . Ahh nervous to see if we won !!
I love japan it's so different here
Japan it was a blast ! Had a great time yet again in your country ! Thanks for having us!
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