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Here are five must-have albums to make your All Hallows’ Eve gathering as killer as a certain Jamie Lee Curtis tormentor that horror auteur/musician John Carpenter knows all too well

Jamie Lee Curtis is in North Carolina to film the latest installment of the "Halloween" movie. The actress posted a picture on Twitter from the set.


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“Happy Halloween motherf*ckers.” Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the creative behind #HalloweenMovie  accept a standing ovation after the #TIFF18  premiere.

They're on the case! Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the stars of #KnivesOut  share which castmate they would choose to be their detective partner.

Daniel Craig Chris Evans Ana de Armas Jamie Lee Curtis Toni Collette Don Johnson Michael Shannon LaKeith Stanfield Katherine Langford Jaeden Martell and Christopher PlummerRian Johnson directs #KnivesOut 

Jamie Lee Curtis recreates her mother's famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' 🔪

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Jamie Lee Curtis claims she is not anti-gun and supports #2A , but also states that she supports banning commonly owned firearms, government-mandated licensing and training, “universal” background checks, and waiting periods.🙄🙄🙄

VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis responds to Fox News' attempt to shame her for Laurie Strode's gun use in the latest "Halloween" film