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Was it Jamie Dimon who emailed me? And then ceosplained to me for a good half an hour on the phone? Yes, yes, it was.

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Jamie Dimon, Who Is Definitely Not Running For President, Unveils Newest Criminal Justice Reform Plan

Talked to Jamie Dimon about JPMorgan's new public policy center launched today in DC — which he's using to push the ideas he wrote about in his giant annual letter from April

JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon talks about global growth, interest rates, central bank autonomy & more. Catch the #CNBCTV18Exclusive  conversation, all day tomorrow @ShereenBhan  @CNBCTV18Live  #Exclusive 

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon dings Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra, saying it will never happen

JPMorgan Chase has built a public policy center in DC and its first plan is to help people with criminal records get jobs. CEO Jamie Dimon told us why.

Jamie Dimon on Libra: “A neat idea that will never happen. And I have nothing else to say about it…” Before then saying more about it | | #IIF  @jpmorgan  @MorganStanley  @IIF 

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On why Jamie Dimon wants JPMorgan to give 2nd chance & hire those w/criminal records: "When someone cannot get their foot in the door to compete for a job, it is bad for business & bad for communities that need access to econ opportunity." @AnnekenTappe 

$FB JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon dings Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra, saying it will never happen

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon says controlling capitalist companies is socialism not social democracy, sets record straight #FoxBusiness 


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. challenged big bank CEO Jamie Dimon to pay his workers a living wage by literally showing him the math

Jamie Dimon is the billionaire CEO of a Wall Street bank that was fined $13 billion for mortgage fraud, paid a settlement for bribing foreign officials and received a $416 billion taxpayer bailout. Jamie. Thanks so much for your advice.

. outlined the budget of a single mother who works as a Chase bank teller, and asked JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon for solutions for the mother's over-$500 shortfall. Dimon did not have a response

Jamie Dimon is attacking our agenda. This is the billionaire CEO of a bank that: - was fined $13 billion for mortgage fraud - illegally foreclosed on military families - bribed foreign officials We welcome his hatred.

The problem with banker Jamie Dimon running for President is that he doesn’t have the aptitude or “smarts” & is a poor public speaker & nervous mess - otherwise he is wonderful. I’ve made a lot of bankers, and others, look much smarter than they are with my great economic policy!

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon made more than $31 million last year, but many of his employees can barely make ends meet. Kudos to for so brilliantly calling out this hypocrisy.

I didn't hear Jamie Dimon criticizing socialism when Wall Street begged for the largest federal bailout in American history—some $700 billion from the Treasury and even more from the Fed.

Today had no idea the government took over student loans. ceo Jamie Dimon has to school her. Qs She asks them how mu #gotchah  $ they are lending to students. They left the biz after gov took over years ago.

Howard Schultz (worth $3 billion), Michael Bloomberg ($48 billion), and Jamie Dimon ($1.3 billion) all now flirting w/ running for prez because Trump showed anyone can win w/ enough money, gall, and BS. But Trump also showed America the consequences of making such a person prez.

"I don't look at a recession as a bad thing." - Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase (one of the big banks that crashed the economy 10 years ago).