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The Onion
@TheOnion 8 months
wallace shawn emerges as frontrunner to replace daniel craig as james bond
Wallace Shawn Emerges As Frontrunner To Replace Daniel Craig As James Bond
Louis Tomlinson
so eleanorjcalder just enlightened me to a great james bond film staring craig david
So @EleanorJCalder just enlightened me to a great James Bond film staring Craig David ...
BBC Breaking News
former james bond star sir roger moore dies aged 89 from cancer family say
Former James Bond star, Sir Roger Moore, dies aged 89 from cancer, family say
never saw james bond pull out a condom he lucky to be alive and its amazing he aint never been a father im sto
Never saw James Bond pull out a condom he lucky to be alive and it’s amazing he ain’t never been a father 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😭 I’m stoned let me get off of here !!!
Gov. Mike Huckabee
of course jeff flaky flake didn t vote for gina haspel if nominated james bond he would have voted no that s w
Of course Jeff "Flaky Flake" didn't vote for Gina Haspel. If nominated James Bond, he would have voted "no." That's why Flake is "Dr. No." And I'll be HE colluded with the Russians! "From Russia With Love."
James Bond
@007 4 years
the 24th james bond 007 film is called spectre
The 24th James Bond 007 film is called… #SPECTRE
Netflix US
@netflix 3 months
james bond is about to shake up your friday night plans casino royale die another day the world is not enough
James Bond is about to shake up your Friday night plans: Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Live and Let Die, The Living Daylights, and The Man with The Golden Gun are now streaming
Jake Tapper
esquire james bond producers are leaning toward idris elba as the next 007
Conan O'Brien
in the new james bond movie bond apologizes to women for his behavior and is never seen again
In the new James Bond movie, Bond apologizes to women for his behavior and is never seen again.
James Corden
Video player
here s niallofficial as james bond and louistomlinson as a cat
Here's @NiallOfficial as James Bond and @Louis_Tomlinson as... A cat!?
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