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$JPM now thats a sick fat finger....

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Cerberus wants Deutsche Bank chair Paul Achleitner to leave. Other key shareholders such as Qatari royal family, funds managed by former JPMExec Braunstein & BlackRock have increasingly neg view of Achleitner’s performance. Under his helm stock down >70%.

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Upcoming #earnings  conference calls $FAST $BLK $JNJ $JPM $UNH $APHA $C $FRC $GS $WFC $PLD $TBKR $JBHT $SNBR $BK $CMA $BAC $ABT $ALLY $ASML $FHN $HWC $PNFP $USB $PNC

Highlight: “‘He says the board needs to decide his pay— Jamie Dimon is the chairman of the board,” @bcheungz  says about the $JPM CEO's comments about his pay. “I rest my case.”

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JP Morgan is rolling out the first U.S. bank-backed cryptocurrency: The JPMCoin. #CNBCCrypto 

Flashback- remember the big stink the made over hiring sons & daughters of officials. I think JPM#Chinawas  fined & JPM exec banned in the Obama administration. Interesting. Now this -

January... S&P 500: +8% Dow: +7% Nasdaq 100: +9% Russell 2000: +11% Crude Oil: +19% $FB: +27% $AAPL: +5% $AMZN: +14% $NFLX: +27% $GOOGL: +8% $C: +24% $GS: +19% $MS: +7% $BAC: +16% $JPM: +7% *** Gold: +3% High Yield Bonds: +5% Agg Bonds: +1% REITs: +12% Volatility Index $VIX: -35%

December... S&P 500: -15% Dow: -15% Nasdaq 100: -15% Russell 2000: -17% Crude Oil: -16% $FB: -12% $AAPL: -18% $AMZN: -21% $NFLX: -19% $GOOGL: -11% $C: -24% $GS: -18% $MS: -17% $BAC: -20% $JPM: -17% *** Gold: +4% 20+ Yr Treasuries: +6% Yen/Dollar: +3% Volatility Index $VIX: +100%

"It doesn’t seem like anything was actually agreed to at the dinner and White House officials are contorting themselves into pretzels to reconcile Trump’s tweets (which seem if not completely fabricated then grossly exaggerated) with reality." - JPM trading note

% Below 52-week high... $AMGN: -4% $BRKB: -5% $JPM: -7% $AAPL: -7% $CSCO: -8% $MSFT: -9% $V: -11% $BAC: -12% $ADBE: -14% $AMZN: -14% $GOOGL: -15% $NVDA: -16% $GILD: -16% $PYPL: -20% $INTC: -22% $NFLX: -23% $FB: -31% $BIDU: -32% $BABA: -34% $TCEHY: -42% $NTES: -44% $TWTR: -44%

🚨🚨 Oh man. JPM CEO Jamie Dimon says he could beat Trump "because I'm as tough as he is, I'm smarter than he is." He also said: "And by the way this wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money. It wasn't a gift from Daddy." Brace for Trump tweets. 🚨🚨

JPM: "cryptocurrencies could potentially have a role in diversifying one’s global bond and equity portfolio"

BREAKING: Trump advisers considering $JPM CEO Dimon for Treasury post - sources

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