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@ladygaga 1 year
ciao italia in custom love you donatella tonight i met family i never met before because of this album joanne
CIAO ITALIA in custom love you Donatella. Tonight I met family I never met before because of this album “Joanne.” It brought us together. I am so proud to be Italian.
@Madonna 4 weeks
dont mess with italian girls ladygaga winner starisborn oscar theparty jrart
Don’t Mess with Italian Girls......,,..,,,,,,,🖤 @ladygaga #winner #starisborn #oscar #theparty 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉@JRart
Nancy Pelosi
when immigrants come to this country with their hopes dreams aspirations and determination they make america m
When immigrants come to this country with their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and determination, they make America more American. It was true when the first Italian Americans arrived, and it is true today. It’s time to #ProtectTheDream & pass #HR6!
Niall Horan
it s a monster of a day we are playing in the heart of italian football the home of ac and inter milan san sir
It's a monster of a day! We are playing in the heart of Italian football, the home of AC and inter Milan , San Siro! Excited=understatement
Michael Clifford
don t wanna be an italian idiot thanks for tonight turin you were badass see ya tomorrow milan
Don't wanna be an Italian idiot. thanks for tonight Turin you were badass, see ya tomorrow Milan
Subramanian Swamy
will any member of the gandhiitalian clan explain why isi agent and money launderer ms farida ataullah w o mun
Will any member of the. Gandhi(Italian) clan explain why ISI agent and money launderer Ms. Farida Ataullah w/o Muneer A “presided” the Bottle Goon wedding reception?
Niall Horan
sony italy just gave me thisits a present the italian fans bought for my birthdaythank you so much
Sony italy just gave me this,its a present the italian fans bought for my birthday!Thank you so much
Niall Horan
thanks to spanishitalianswedish and french fans for everything this week amazing scenes had a lot of fun 4 cou
thanks to spanish,italian,swedish and french fans for everything this week! Amazing scenes! Had a lot of fun ! 4 countries in 4 days! Boom
Bleacher Report UK
legends created history made an italian icon on this day in 1908 inter milan was founded
Legends created. History made. An Italian icon.

On this day in 1908, Inter Milan was founded ⚫🔵
Department of State
special representative elliott abrams will meet with russian deputy foreign minister ryabkov and other russian
Special Representative Elliott Abrams will meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and other Russian officials in Rome March 18-19 to discuss the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela. S/R Abrams will also meet with Italian Prime Minister Diplomatic Advisor Benassi.
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