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Wow. 7 years since we won our first BRIT! Lots has changed but like family you guys have come with us all on our individual journeys. It’s a dream to have you in our lives and an honour to be part of yours.
Can we win another ?!! #1D #BRITVIDLIAMRITA
ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth--
ME: Joe.

Happy birthday to , my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.
“The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking.” @seanhannity @FoxNews Treason!
Trump is declaring a national emergency to bypass Congress, to build a wall we don’t need, to address a crisis that doesn’t exist, by claiming an authority he doesn’t have.

If that sounds like nonsense, it’s because it is. It’s also plainly unconstitutional.
Happy Valentine’s Day to the extraordinarily smart, beautiful, funny, one and only @MichelleObama. It’s true; she does get down to Motown.
.@BTS_TWT’s first #Grammys! It’s all part of their global takeover. Welcome! #ERedCarpet #BTSARMY #BTSxGrammys
Don’t be sad it’s over, be proud it taught us so much. Congrats to all the men and women of @NASA on a @MarsRovers mission that beat all expectations, inspired a new generation of Americans, and demands we keep investing in science that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge.
#8YearsOfOneDirection what an incredible 8 years it’s been with my brothers! Thank you to all the fans that are still supporting and following our journeys. Love LP ❤
don’t let anyone convince you it’s cool to “not care”. apathy is wack. be passionate about the things you love, and the things that you fear.

the greatest young creators and activists of our times cared. A LOT.

“idc lol” is waaaaack. we can do better fucks sake.
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