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Can't wait for the show in Jakarta. Feels like it'll be a good one. H
Falcons' new stadium will include Chick-fil-A... but it'll still be closed on Sundays
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"it'll get better"
I'm headed to the Sundance #WomensMarch - ur welcome 2 come feel the weight of my feminist balls in your tiny hand if it'll help
This Friday we're performing on bbccin and it'll be a fun night. Get involved.
THE worst interview by a politician EVER. I expect @BBCNews & @itvnews will cover it & it'll be in every newspaper 🤔
So, when Trump resigns, it'll be President Pence. And many will heave a sign of relief !
That gives you some idea of how bad things are...
I can't wait for you guys to hear the new album. It'll give you an indication of who we really are and who we've grown into.
Our newest Sausage Party marketing campaign was expensive, but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.
Btw now u have the #whatdoyoumean lyrics.. send me what u think it'll sound like
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