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It is absolutely essential to stand up against racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism & Islamophobia everywhere & every time - @antonioguterres
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I won't compromise on racism. I won't compromise on sexism. I won't compromise on homophobia. And I won't compromise on Islamophobia.
Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23
Ricky Best, 53

Stepped up for humanity and love...and against hate, racism and Islamophobia.

Salute. Rest well.
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These Muslim-American kids explain to @Mic the Islamophobia they face every day — and what they wish people knew.
Naz Shah and MPs from across the House have written to The Sun after it published articles that incite Islamophobia.
.@jessebwatters: "The left, so blinded by their hatred for @POTUS & so desperate to sell Islamophobia, has created a fake news firestorm."
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Islamophobia. Please don't generalize about Muslims. It's grossly ignorant. This is the hate ISIS wants to create. Don't let them win. Think
Dr. Suzanne Barakat's brother was killed in the Chapel Hill shooting in 2015. She spoke to us about the #MuslimBan and Islamophobia.
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Something extraordinarily sinister going on in the Indian media. Leading TV channels blatantly promoting Islamophobia. Day in, day out.
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