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Swedish government in hot water over new bid to weed out 'Islamophobia'

Racism is still a problem in European football. But Liverpool’s star player Mohamed Salah has helped to tackle Islamophobia

Mar-a-Lago again under fire for hosting group that promoted Islamophobia

Mar-a-Lago again under fire for hosting group that promoted Islamophobia

Today, on Twitter, I’ve been accused of being ‘dishonest’ by folks I thought I was friendly with; that I’m upsetting *all* Syrians; that I am a Douglas-Murray-style Islamophobe; *and* that I’m also exploiting an imagined Islamophobia at the same time. Syria makes us all go mad.

The idea that only Muslims should care about or discuss Islamophobia, or only Jews should care about or discuss anti-Semitism, especially when those debates are held in public and also affect non-Muslims & non-Jews, is ridiculous, offensive and dangerous.

Muslims can't tell non-Muslims to stay out of debates over Islamophobia if it's also used as a de facto backdoor blasphemy law (e.g. Pakistan). Jews can't tell non-Jews to stay out of debates over anti-Semitism if it's also used to smear Palestinians demanding their rights.


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We mourn the loss of 49 lives cut short in the horrific act of violence in Christchurch, New Zealand. Islamophobia and such acts of pure hatred have no place in a civilized world.

If you foment hatred against Muslims don't offer your sympathy when hatred kills Jews. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are two symptoms of the same white nationalist disease. You either fight them both or you are complicit in them both.

President Trump’s hate-filled few days: wishes military could “rough” up asylum seekers; accuses Democrats of treason; enacts #transmilitaryban ; again amplifies Islamophobia that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 & targets Cong. . All vile, wrong & must be condemned.

On behalf of my country, I offer my condolences to the Islamic world and the people of New Zealand, who have been targeted by this deplorable act - the latest example of rising racism and Islamophobia.

My heart breaks for New Zealand & the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped.

"A non-Muslim terrorist has to kill on average 7 people more than a Muslim terrorist to get equal coverage as a Muslim terrorist" - from my interview with on today. Full intv, on , media #Christchurchbia '>Islamoph #Christchurchbia , Palestine, guns, here:

An absolutely horrific demonstration of Islamophobia in the U.S.

I believe civility, decency & politeness are important. It’s not uncivil, indecent or impolite to name or call out racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism. Looking at you, Mr. President. And, your Cabinet. cc &

Donald Trump: "Islam hates us." Sam Harris: "It is time we admitted that we are not at war with 'terrorism.' We are at war with Islam." When are we going to acknowledge we have a major Islamophobia problem, and that Islamophobia can kill?

I won't compromise on racism. I won't compromise on sexism. I won't compromise on homophobia. And I won't compromise on Islamophobia.