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@flying_rodent  What blows my mind is that he literally held a meeting *at the Conservative Party conference* at which he said "*I've been voted Islamophobe of the year, hurr hurr* ". It's like one of those newspaper cartoons that spells everything out.

@AllyFogg  I kind of feel like if you host a panel discussion at the Tory Conference saying "I am Islamophobe of the Year and proud of it ", you have to be aware that you're taking a risk

- Toby Young has tweeted on breasts, eugenics & the working class (see below) - Nigel Biggar is a longtime apologist of colonialism - Douglas Murray is a noted Islamophobe - Radomir Tylecote was suspended from HM Treasury after coauthoring an anti EU book

You can call Trump a bully, racist, xenophobe, liar, islamophobe, fascist, or even a Cheeto. THE TRUTH IS you hate him because he is an outsider who’s exposing ALL of the Democrat corruption, and he’s kicking ass for the American people.

@Peston  I think the point Robert is consistency - if the Chief Rabbi said don’t vote for Corbyn or Boris, fine. But if he is only saying ‘don’t vote Corbyn’ then he is saying ‘don’t vote for the guy we Jews see as an antisemite but do vote for the guy Muslims see as an Islamophobe.’

Islamophobe helped write Trump's bogus Homeland Security report linking immigration to terror

@slpng_giants_fr  @slpng_giants , @slpng_giants  do you approve of assuming people may be fascists or alt-right, anti-Semitic or Islamophobe on the sole basis they are outspoken Christians? Cc @slpng_giants_fr 

“How can I be an Islamophobe? My great grandfather knew the Koran off by heart.”


Most relevant

Peter King is a card-carrying Islamophobe, as I documented in the New York Times in 2016: This Schumer tweet is yet another reminder that the top Dem in the Senate doesn’t give a damn about Islamophobia and is unfit to hold the title of Minority Leader.

Anyone who responded to the #sandiegosynagogueshooting  by referring to Ilhan Omar is, let's be clear, a racist and an Islamophobe. They're also dumb, dumb, dumb, because the shooter tried to attack a mosque, too, so yeah, sure, a Muslim congresswoman somehow inspired him (!) FFS

"Everything she's said about Israel she's pretty much said about Saudi Arabia. So if she's an anti-Semite, she must be an Islamophobe as well" - me talking to about the controversy on last night - full video:

Mike Pompeo accepted an award from a group the ADL named an anti-Muslim hate group. He’s done Islamophobe Frank Gaffney’s radio show 20 times. Now he’s our new secretary of state, writes

You publicly endorsed the most extreme bunch of Islamophobe fascists in Britain, Mr President. You owe our Prime Minister an apology, not a lecture.

Trump's picks so far: 1. Anti-semite 2. Islamophobe 3. Racist He's only one gay basher away from winning the scavenger hunt!

Political correctness is putting our citizens in danger! We need to speak up on #terrorism  without being called an Islamophobe! -

So, Trump has selected a white supremacist as strategist, a racist as AG, and a crazy Islamophobe for Nat Sec. But we can work with him!

Trump picks: 1. Bannon (runs white nationalist website) 2. Flynn (Islamophobe) 3. Sessions (rejected for judgeship by Senate for racism)