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A former Islamic State Imam caught on video partaking in ISIS mutilations was arrested in Greece a few months ago. He arrived through the Greek islands route and requested refugee asylum with his 2 y.o. son. He is now claiming to be a university student.

France’s Macron to propose measures to fight ‘Islamic separatism’

#AMAY| Islamic'>Understanding Islamic heritage crucial to renewal of religious discourse: Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa

In 1979 the forces that have left the Islamic world in chaos were unleashed – but it didn’t have to be that way then, or now, writes John Jenkins.

"For women in journalism, we often find ourselves tip-toeing a fine sartorial line between looking feminine and serious, but not stodgy," @rcallimachi  says. "For female reporters covering Islamic extremism it's on an entirely different level."

U.S. President Donald Trump contended this week that the United States saved the entire Philippines from Islamic State terrorism. His assertion vastly overstated both the threat IS posed to the country and what the U.S. did about it. | @AP 

Using a Islamic'>Commodity Murabaha Islamic financing structure for the first time, we're supporting the development of high-quality #hospitals  🏥 in #Egypt  EG and #Morocco  MA teaming up with @IFC_org , @OFIDnews  & 👉 @Finnfund 

In 1979 the forces that have left the Islamic world in chaos were unleashed – but it didn’t have to be that way then, or now.

Join us via on Friday from 10AM. Abdalla Abdulkhalik the MD Gulf African Bank will be having a live session on Islamic Financing Options. @KenyaBankers 

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Under my administration, we will NEVER make excuses for America’s enemies – we will never hesitate in defending American lives – and we will never stop working to defeat Islamic Terrorism'>Radical Islamic Terrorism!

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Leader of Islamic Center of Pittsburgh announces Muslim community has raised more than $70,000 for synagogue attack victims and their families. "We just want to know what you need ... If it's people outside your next service protecting you, let us know. We'll be there."

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens....

A new radical Islamic terrorist has just attacked in Louvre Museum in Paris. Tourists were locked down. France on edge again. GET SMART U.S.

Somali refugees arresed in Tucson on way to Egypt. They were in touch with an agent posing as a terrorist. One of them stated, “The best wake up call is Islamic State to get victory or another 9/11.” Get smart people! #MAGA  #KAG  @foxandfriends 

., don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!

Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We have just killed the leader of that attack, Jamal al-Badawi. Our work against al Qaeda continues. We will never stop in our fight against Islamic Terrorism'>Radical Islamic Terrorism!

Christchurch Mosque: White supremacist. Tree Of Life Synagogue: White supremacist. Mother Emanuel AME Church: White supremacist. Oak Creek Sikh Temple: White supremacist. Overland Park Jewish Center: White supremacist. Islamic Center of Quebec City: White supremacist.

Islamic Terrorism'>Radical Islamic Terrorism must be stopped by whatever means necessary! The courts must give us back our protective rights. Have to be tough!