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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the brave troops lost in the helicopter crash on the Iraq-Syria border yesterday. Their sacrifice in service to our country will never be forgotten.
John Bolton was part of the effort to mislead the US into the disastrous Iraq war and has supported military action against North Korea and Iran. He was too extreme to be confirmed as UN ambassador in 2005 and is absolutely the wrong person to be national security advisor now.
Iraq War was based on lies. Libya war was based on lies. Vietnam war was based on lies. So when the same old blood-soaked warmongers want to rush into war in Syria before an investigation can even start, it's time to disobey.
“On 1/20 - the day Trump was inaugurated - an estimated 35,000 ISIS fighters held approx 17,500 square miles of territory in both Iraq and Syria. As of 12/21, the U.S. military est the remaining 1,000 or so fighters occupy roughly 1,900 square miles..” @jamiejmcintyre @dcexaminer
ISIS is on the run & will soon be wiped out of Syria & Iraq, illegal border crossings are way down (75%) & MS 13 gangs are being removed.
Here’s the fundamental problem, Mr. President: After 17 years at war in Afghanistan, 15 years in Iraq, and now 7 years of war in Syria, the mission is seldom accomplished. Something you should consider before embroiling us further.
1. Hello everyone, I wanted to share what I learned from the more than 15,000 pages of ISIS documents that my team and I unearthed over five different trips to Iraq. We recovered the records in 11 different cities and towns. First up, how we found them.
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ISIS, financied by Saudi Arabia, used chemical weapons at least 52 times in #Syria & Iraq according to the New York Times citing London's IHS Conflict Monitor
John Bolton:
Wanted war w Cuba, arguing wrongly that Cuba had WMD
Wanted war w Iraq, arguing – wrong again – that Iraq had WMD
Believes – wrongly – that Islamic law is taking over America

If you're always wrong on security, you're the wrong person to be National Security Advisor
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