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Today, I announced our strategy to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions and to ensure that they never acquire a nuclear weapon.
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This Iranian-American man broke down in tears as he spoke of his brother, who was detained at LAX and about to be deported.
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Trump took more than $5 million from a likely money-laundering partner of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
Iranian scientist bound for Boston to begin working on a cure for diabetes at Harvard was barred entry into US today
Left-> control #2A firearms at home yet hands over access to the most deadly weapons to Iranian regime whose stated goal: Death to America?
BREAKING: Heavy clashes reported between Iranian backed militia and Kurdish Peshmerga on Kirkuk-Erbil road #Iraq - @RudawEnglish
UPDATE: Iranian baby gets waiver to enter U.S. for vital heart surgery, Manhattan docs will treat her for free
Bob Corker has announced he won't see re-election; I am sure the Iranian regime is very upset
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