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To those media outlets who covered extensively the " the invading caravan" before the election-- sometimes on page one -- but now have completely dropped reporting on this alleged national security threat, realize how badly Trump played you & don't repeat.
Any updates on the invading caravan? Any updates on what our soldiers are doing down on the border now that they have completed their task of putting down some barbwire (& having it photographed)? Can we get some estimates of the costs of Operation Stop the Invading Caravan?
#StopTheCaravan - : The caravan is a threatening, invading force that may well bash its way through our fence the same way they did through the Guatemalan fence. is entitled to do what he must do. He can close the border entirely. #MAGA#TrumpTrain#Dobbs
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It was all of five days ago that a man burst into a synagogue and shot a bunch of people over unfounded fears that the caravan (funded by Soros) was invading our country.
'migrant caravan' now 5000. Looks like about 85% young military age males.
Guatemala detained 100 ISIS. How many in this caravan also ISIS, using the women and children as body shields?

THIS is an invading army intending to attack the US homeland

.@BorowitzReport: Trump Unable to Stop Caravan of Democratic Women Invading Washington
"On Fox News, the word 'invasion' was used in relation to the caravan more than 60 times in October....'Invading' was brought up more than a dozen times."
“I want to tell [the migrant caravan] to stop…this is a mob that’s invading our country” -Angel mom and legal immigrant Agnes Gibboney
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The biggest question remaining about the election is whether Beto's Caravan will be able to pull off their plan of invading and then voting in Texas as dead people
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