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Today at T in the Park on BBC Intro stage. 645pm @iambecharlotte will be performing! Really cool vibe !
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No More Parties in LA featuring Kendrick Lamar intro produced by me/track by Madlib
crying in the club is sooo good!!! so happy my fav hobby now has a sound track lol. plus the video intro!!!! @Camila_Cabello u get ittttt 💕💗
Thank you Bobby Bowden for the intro tonight and your support! I hope I can do as well for Florida as you have done!
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Tony Romo with the intro 🏀
that's not from moonlight.... it's from the intro oops
! @LindseyGrahamSC says he is intro'ing legislation that would prevent firing of special counsels without judicial review
RT if ur ready for VINNYS intro to the world.
Imagine in '08: 'I'm Barack Obama. I lost $916M in 1yr, have 5 kids by 3 wives, once intro'd a porno & I want ur vote, white America. #Never
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