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Always great to see the wonderful people of South Carolina. Thank you for the beautiful welcome at Greenville-Spartanburg Int'l Airport!
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This is incredible. Oxfam, an int'l aid org, will assist Puerto Rico after calling U.S. response "inadequate".
Public still has no idea to whom PEOTUS owes money and how much; extent of intl biz entanglements; potential conflicts that cd impact policy
I call on all Members to act consistently with UN Charter & int’l law, incl norms against chemical weapons.

If the law is ignored, it is undermined. There is no military solution to the crisis; the solution must be political.

-- on @antonioguterresSyria at UN Security Council
Reactions to #SyriaStrikes:

Barbaric attack, won't affect fight against terrorism – Syria

Strikes without UNSC mandate a violation of intl law – Putin

‘Mission accomplished' – Trump

Respect other countries’ sovereignty – China

Those who attacked Syria are ‘criminals’ – Iran
Today, the international community joins together to mark Intl #HolocaustMemorialDay around the world, promising: #WeRemember & we will the#NeverForget 6 million Jews who were murdered in the 🕯️#Holocaust
Pulling out of #ParisAgreement is a massive moral, economic & leadership failure for Trump admin. Loss of business, jobs, & intl standing.
#TBT to Chernobyl nuclear disaster 32 years ago. The women, men & children affected by radioactive contamination must never be forgotten. More on Thursday's Int'l Chernobyl Remembrance Day:
Today is Intl Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.
Over 200m girls & women alive today hv undergone the procedure #EndFGM
BREAKING: US violating domestic & intl law by breaking into Russian consulate in – e#Seattlembassy (LIVE)
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