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Don't agree with the furniture layout but I'm not an interior designer.
The more we are rooted in Christ, the more we rediscover interior peace, even in the midst of daily challenges.
1 Trump names bottled water industry lawyer to Interior.

2 Interior ends ban on bottled water in national parks.
The likely new Minister of the Interior of Italy is not shy of his policy inspiration.
HUD spent $31k on a dining room set for Ben Carson’s office.
The EPA spent $43k to install a private phone booth in Scott Pruitt's office.
The Dept of the Interior spent $139k on doors in Ryan Zinke’s office.

Remember when @SpeakerRyan was excited about $1.50 in your paycheck?
We did a deep dive of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's radio show and found he hosted known birthers and conspiracy theorists.

In one instance, Zinke made an appearance – and this is the exact name of the show – "Where's Obama's Birth Certificate Radio."
LIVE NOW: Watch the 7:05am ET liftoff of @NASAInSight lander to Mars where it'll study the planet's deep interior! …
NEW: White House appointee and aide to Ryan Zinke at Interior resigns after KFile inquiry into birther, anti-Muslim comments.
Report: WH uses Interior Sec to threaten Murkowski and Sullivan over health care
Interior Department banned from Twitter after retweet of smaller-than-usual Trump inauguration crowd
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