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@jpmorgan 's blockchain-based interbank payments initiative, IIN, has added @DeutscheBank  as its latest member, bringing the total to 320 banks.

The Interbank Information Network has already seen more than 300 banks from around the world joining its live application of blockchain technology; 50 already use the service actively #blockchain  #DLT  #Ethereum  #p2p  #banks  #ancillarypayment  #payments 

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Moodys Investors Service - Renminbi Bonds Monitor: September 2019: Disruption to the interbank market for regional banks and non-bank financial institutions compound funding difficulties of weaker companies

Streamlined processes, shared efficiencies: Deutsche Bank partners the Interbank Information Network (IIN) – a @jpmorgan-led  platform for banks to share information, based on cutting-edge #blockchain  technologies.

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Publication of LIBOR (Interbank Offered Rate'>London Interbank Offered Rate) will likely cease at end of 2021. This is the message UK FCA CEO Andrew Bailey sent in 2017 when he announced that, after 2021, FCA would no longer compel reluctant banks to respond to the #LIBOR  survey

Decisive factor in ECB decision was use of two-tiered deposit rate system in quite an aggressive way, MS says. That means you have less euro liquidity in the interbank mkt & are being invited to take advantage of placing funds w/ECB at zero cost. Which means higher Euro FX range.

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#ECB tiering boosts #Euro  and 2y yields as tiering absorbs EUR liquidity from the interbank market by increasing the relative ECB deposit return. A tiered deposit rate suggests that policy rates have approached the effective lower bound, Morgan Stanley says.

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At the interbank foreign exchange the rupee opened at 71.46, then gained further ground and touched a high of 71.30. #DCBusiness 

Interbank futures now imply <50bps of RBA rate cuts left in the cycle. OIS too. Haven't seen that in a while.

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"LIBRA is the Interbank Offered Rate'>London Interbank Offered Rate" I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Thailand’s central bank has built a blockchain prototype allowing it to settle interbank transactions with eight commercial bank partners using a digital currency.

ICYMI: Meanwhile In China, Echoes Of Lehman As Interbank Market Freezes

Meanwhile In China, Echoes Of Lehman As Interbank Market Freezes

PBOC Panics, Floods Market With Liquidity As Interbank Funding Freezes After Baoshang Seizure

. seeks public comment on potential actions to facilitate real-time interbank settlement of faster payments:

Senior banker from British bank admits conspiracy to defraud over manipulating Libor inter-bank lending rate

In our letter, we urged Secretary Mnuchin to take all necessary steps to ensure the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) disconnects the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) & all other designated Iranian financial institutions. -->

9.Non-oil exporters are now allowed unfettered access to their FX proceeds, which shall be sold in the Inter-bank market - #CBN